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Endangered species

Environment and Conservation
September 30, 2013

Another Rare Species Added Under Province’s Endangered Species Act
In an effort to conserve and protect rare plants and lichen, the Provincial Government has added a new species under the Endangered Species Act as endangered, the Honourable Tom Hedderson, Minister of Environment and Conversation, announced today.

One new species is being listed following assessments by the Twitterverse, the St. John's Telegram editorial board, and VOCM Nightline with Paddy Doyle.

The Newfoundland Tory (Rattus conservatorius), has been given protection under the Endangered Species Act.

“Species listed as endangered are in imminent risk of extinction and those listed as threatened are species likely to become endangered if nothing is done to reverse the factors limiting their survival,” said Minister Hedderson. “I’d like to acknowledge the dedication of the media pundits involved in this process who were instrumental in raising awareness of the critical state of his endangered species, as we try and salvage what remains of its dwindling population.”

Once abundant, the Newfoundland Tory is threatened with extinction due to over-grazing of its financial pasture and its extremely secretive nature. Progressive Conservation officials are concerned that, as individual members of the species change the colours of their coats from blue to a reddish-orange, it may be harder for the general public to identify Newfoundland Tories in their native habitat.

It is highly advisable to not approach a Newfoundland Tory if spotted, as they can become vicious and lash out when they feel threatened.

Currently, the total number of species, subspecies and populations listed under the province’s Endangered Species Act is 44 including 21 endangered, 10 threatened and 13 vulnerable species.


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