Monday, February 23, 2009


That good old boy St. Bon's education never went to waste! Here are some more Latin phrases you can expect to hear peppered into Danny Williams' speeches, On-way a-way o-gay orward-fay asis-bay.

Anything-way Ut-bay Onservative-cay

Oud-pray, ong-stray, etermined-day.

Ell-way, ou-yay ow-knay…

E-way ow-knay at-whay ere-way ighting-fay or-fay.

At-way e-thay end-way of-way e-thay ay-day

Ot-nay on-way y-may atch-way

I-way an-cay ell-tay ou-yay at-thay uch-may

Othing-nay ould-cay e-bay urther-fay om-fray e-thay uth-tray.

Friday, February 13, 2009

New ad campaign

Our Danny's passed billboard campaigns have been such a great success that he is going ahead with another one. This billboard will greet drivers this summer as they exit the Marine Atlantic ferry in Port au Basque and Argentia.