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It's Galgay Day in the Capital

We were starting to worry it had been too long without some piece of Galgay-related news on VOCM's website, but time to take a chill pill... Our favourite publicity-hound is now even insinuating his photo into VOCM stories in which he isn't even mentioned.

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Danny Williams farts

Danny Williams farts
Saturday , April 25 2015 | 10:23:44 AM

The man behind the new Galway development just west of the capital city recently farted. Former premier Danny Williams lifted his leg and let rip a good, solid, satisfying fart. It smelled like newborn babies, Irish spring, and unicorn tears, with not the faintest hint of shit.
Williams says he is proud of his farts, and that everyone in Newfoundland should take pride in his farts, too. Williams says that even though this fart was a little bit wet, it was his fart, and his farts represent the aspirations and farts of all Newfoundlanders. Williams hopes to update listeners on more of his farts and other fart-related developments at least three times a month, on a go-forward basis.

Click on this link for audio of Danny Williams' fart.

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An honest question

A few questions for everyone who is all tore up about Don Cherry saying:

"What are you, a savage, a barbarian?"
Were you offended when Don Cherry said offensive, derogatory, and racist things about Quebecers?

Or about Russians?

Or about Finns, or Swedes, or other Europeans?

Or Aboriginal people?

Or women?

Or former hockey players suffering from physical or mental illnesses from their days playing the game?

Did you find Don Cherry offensive then?

Or did you nod your head and cheer him on?