Monday, July 19, 2010

An important message from Kathy Dunderdale

The Telegram and the Opposition parties have missed the real purpose of the Lower Churchill benefits strategy which the provincial government released July 14, 2010.

The benefits strategy is a guide for the whole Lower Churchill project and is part of an unfolding plan.

The steady progress towards the start of the project is evident in the substantial progress on preliminary engineering, aboriginal agreements, environmental assessment and, in the last week, the request for proposals for engineering consultants as well as the benefits strategy.

I would have expected both the opposition and The Telegram to applaud the release of information on this important project for the people of the province.

I would have expected singing and cheering, and dancing in the streets.

I wouldn't have been dancing, myself personally, but I would have expected dancing girls and dancing boys.

I would have expected ticker-tape and confetti. And bunting.

I would have expected a parade, with floats and clowns and marching bands.

I would have expected rose petals strewn about my feet as I led that parade. On a float.

I would have expected tissue-paper flowers.

I would have expected servants in togas to hand-feed me grapes while minstrels serenaded me with their lutes.

I would have expected petit-fours. Trays and trays of petit-fours. And those little puff-pastries stuffed with white cheese and fines herbs.

And chicken fingers.

And a pig-roast.

I would have expected a disco ball and laser show and fireworks.

I would have expected thundersticks, tambourine, and vuvuzuelas.

I would have expected goat sacrifices. Come on, you bloody ingrates, momma wants you to slit a goat!

I trust this clarifies matters.

Kathy Dunderdale
Minister of Natural Resources
St. John's