Sunday, April 24, 2016

Yes, Danny fucked us

Danny fucked us, this I know,
For the budget tells me so.
Mainland jobs I now will seek,
Our economy’s too weak.

Yes, Danny fucked us,
Yes Danny fucked us,
Yes, Danny fucked us,
The budget tells me so.

I thought Danny-boy was sick
Of pessimists and all their schtick,
Told us that away he’d blow…
But that was three Premiers ago.


Danny and his damn PCs
Pissed away our royalties,
Wasting twenty billion bucks…
But Danny don’t give zero fucks.


Danny and his buddy Ed
Must be touched inside the head,
Pumping cash day after day
In a hole up by Goose Bay.


Dan won’t ever have to mind
About the mess he left behind.
I wonder what’s the hydro rate
Inside his sunny condo gate?

[chorus X2]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"But Danny don't give zero fucks"
Would mean that Danny does in fact give a fuck.

"But Danny couldn't give a fuck"
Would still fit the rhyme scheme and make more sense.

~Friendly Grammar Guy.